MAGICYOYO K1 Spin ABS Yoyo 8 Ball KK Bearing with Spinning String for Kids

MAGICYOYO K1 Spin ABS Yoyo 8 Ball KK Bearing with Spinning String for Kids

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  • Package Weight : 102.45g

  • Package Width : 6cm

  • Package Height : 4.5cm

  • Package Length: 9 cm

The magic yoyo is not only for daily entertainment, but also for acrobatic performance with most entertaining fancy. Smooth silicon recovery system, this magic yoyo doesn't stuck or slip on the line. So it helps to follow your own will in the contest. 24 strands of pure polyester professional yoyo rope, you will have better feeling in your hands. The yoyo removes smoothly and doesn't cause recovery skid.


The magic yoyo can cultivate the imagination, creativity, rapid reactionability, motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

With the standard production, the K1 yoyo uses the whole copper axis to ensure good condentricity.

Equipped with the side shaft, so that it looks more attractive and has more excellent performance.

8 ball KK bearing, the magic yoyo will keep balance when in rotation, and it runs in a fast speed.

Clear pattern, and it doesn't paint off.


Material: ABS 

Weight: 65 g

Age: 8 + (primary players)

Diameter: 51.03 mm

Width: 41.01 mm

Gap Width: 4.38 mm

Bearing: Concave bearing 

Bearing Size: 6.35 mm * 12.7 mm * 4.76 mm(C)

String Trick: 1A 3A 5A

String Length: 110 cm / 43.31 in

Package Information:

Package Size: 9 * 6 * 4.5 cm / 3.5 * 2.4 * 1.8

Package Weight: 98 g / 3.5 oz

Package List: 

1 * K1 Magic Yoyo

1 * String

1 * User Manual

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